Will this be a complete online event, with no offline activities?

Yes, all presentations will take place through an online platform with no offline activities and no necessity to travel. 

What platform will be used?

WordPress and Zoom. 

The conference will use a conference platform based on a password protected wordpress page for uploading and commenting on extended abstracts. This platform will open two weeks before the conference (16/9). During the days of the conference itself, zoom will be used for live presentations and pre-recorded presentations. All presentations will be moderated by a chair and a technical assistant. 

When is the submission deadline for extended abstracts?

Extended abstracts should be submitted four weeks before the conference, September 2.

When will the conference platform open for conference participants to give comments on each other’s extended abstracts? 

The password protected conference platform will open 16/9 for participants’ feedback on extended abstracts.

How long should each presentation be?

Please note that each presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes.

What is the length of the extended abstracts?

The length of the extended abstracts is 500-800 words.

Are there any requirements on the format of the extended abstracts?

There is no specific requirement on the format but we would encourage the use of subtitles to make the paper more organized and easier to access.

Can I participate without presenting a paper?

Yes, but you need to register for the conference. Please contact conference organizers about this (technactx@gmail.com).

Is it possible to pre-record the presentations?

Yes, it is fine to participate with a pre-recorded video of your presentation. Please note that you still need to be present in the session to join the Q&A. In the session, you will be asked to show your pre-recorded presentation through your own screen, using the share screen function in Zoom. 

What is the time zone of the conference?

Please note that the schedule is written in the Central European Time Zone (CET).