Round-table bios2

Ericka Johnson

Linköping University

Lena is leading the project Futures of genders and sexualities: Cultural products, transnational spaces and emerging communities, which explores struggles for change beyond states and organizations. She is also one of the researchers in TechnAct: Transformations of Struggle which examines the interconnections between digital technologies and emergent feminist and queer communities in transnational space. Among her recent publications are: “When gender studies becomes a threatening religion” European Journal of Women´s studies (2020); “Civil servants talk back – political subjectivity and reconstruction of the nation” Critical sociology (2020) and Dreaming Global Change, Doing Local Feminisms. Global North/Global South Encounters. Conversations and disagreements (2018) together with Professor Diana Mulinari (eds).

Tiara Roxanne


Tiara Roxanne (PhD) is a cyberfeminist, scholar and artist based in Berlin. Her research and artistic practice explores modes of decolonialism within artificial intelligence learning systems. Tiara has presented her work in Toronto, London, Madrid, NYC, Athens, and Berlin among others. She is currently a Researcher at DeZIM-Institut.

Lisa Nakamura

University of Michigan

Lisa Nakamura is Gwendolyn Calvert Baker Collegiate Professor of American Culture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she is the Director of the Digital Studies Institute.   She is the author of four books on race, gender and digital media. She has published essays and book chapters on racial passing and videogames, online toxicity, and the politics of digital infrastructure.  She is currently working on a book about how women of color built the Internet and how their labor is refashioning it for the 21st century.  Her areas of interest include histories of indigenous electronic manufacture in post-war America, content moderation by women of color on social media, and virtual reality’s claims to produce racial and gender empathy.  

Carrie Smith

University of Alberta

Dr. Carrie Smith is Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of German Studies at the University of Alberta. Her research is located at the intersection of feminist activism and digital culture, including its practices, products, politics, theories, and communities. She is author of Awkward Politics: Technologies of Popfeminist Activism (with Dr. Maria Stehle, MQUP 2016) and Revolting Families: Toxic Intimacy, Private Politics, and Literary Realism in the German Sixties (UTP 2013) and coeditor of six peer-reviewed collections, including Digital Feminisms (Routledge 2016) and Indigenous & German Studies (UTP 2019), with two forthcoming, including Digital Curation (UTP 2021). She has been comanaging editor of three international journals and is codirector of the Digital Feminist Collective research group at She is also a member of two University of Alberta signature areas, AI4Society and Intersections of Gender, and has received awards for teaching and research.